Craft shows

Back many years ago we started our business doing craft shows.   We still love doing the shows when we can.

We learned many things over the years and made many new friends and repeat customers.

We would like to share some of our tips with you.

Be sure and check with your state and local government to see if they require sales tax licenses or other types of licenses.

We like to use sheets for table covers as they wash well and come in many colors.  

Welcome to Straycatfarm

 Once upon a time, long, long ago -- well, at least more than a decade ago -- we really did live on a farm where stray cats routinely wandered on to our farm. We tried to  give them a good home until we could find them a home of their own. We worked closely with our local humane society to have them neutered and made sure they were healthy. At that time, we also enjoyed crafting on the farm and sold our products at local craft shows. That's when we first named our business Stray Cat Farm. 
We no longer live on the farm and only our first cat Sis still lives at home.